BREAKING NEWS: Floreakeats to publish stuff

One of the worst parts of my food writing job (and there ain’t many) is that some articles never run. The reasons vary.

Once, a favorite magazine ceased publication before running my article. Another time, the person I was writing about got sick and left the startup we were profiling. And possibly, once or twice I was just too f’ing lazy or disorganized to finish the story.

For the moment, we’ll pretend it’s 99.99% because of the collapse of print media and unexpected illness that perfectly good articles end up stuck on my hard drive for months or years. Let’s make that 100% of the time.

So, here’s the news. (It’s my blog so I can bury the lede all I want.)

I’ve decided to find these interesting stories about worthy people and places a very unworthy home  — here.

I know this space is generally reserved for nonsense and lists, but I thought I’d class it up with some actual writing.

First up is an interview I did last year with healthy chef – cycling god – coffee fan Seamus Mullen. Seamus is an interesting guy who went deep into learning about diet and health after suffering a bunch of auto-immune illnesses that nearly killed him. Since turning his health around, he’s been sharing what learned about food and health with others.

When we spoke last year, Seamus was recovering from a busted shoulder after a bike accident here in Boston. He had also recently published his new book “Real Food Heals.” Seamus has been cooking from that book a lot on TV lately.

What I love about Seamus’s recipes is they are dishes that anyone could – and should – enjoy. It’s not weirdo “health food.” It is as the title suggests: real food. Real food created by a talented chef.

Since the interview, I passed my copy of the book on to a co-worker with autoimmune issues whose husband was ready to pull his hair out because he was attempting cook food for both of them and quickly running out of ideas. Last I heard, husby still had his hair

The article is long, so I’m publishing it in parts. (I guess that’s another good things about publishing here. I can make things as long as I want.) This was actually written for a magazine.

I have other pieces that will appear here over coming weeks/months/years – as long as this blog doesn’t cease publication, no one gets sick, or I don’t get too sleepy to post them.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Floreakeats to publish stuff

  1. Have I got a sustainable, really neat fishmonger for you, if you are looking for worthies. I actually have 15k chefs, but this is different. Let me know if you are interested in him. (Head chef of lark creek (1 Michelin star) group, got sick of flippig eggs or probably foie gras and couldn´t find really good fish, ,so he sent his Mexican sous to Europe (ismael went on his own, but with encouragement) to do the Michelin stage route (Joan Rocca, Adria, the French lions) then they bought a truck, sweet talked the fish and oyster guys up and down the CA coast and started vending sesafood. A few years later they are building a huge warehouse in the Hunters´point area of SF.
    Let me know.

  2. To the question that appeared as I left the note. No, I am not JT. We have a lot of history, but at my age you have history with just about everybody. I let him use my server when we pulled him out of Yucatan, but I have no idea how he would have turned up as my WP login.
    You would like Adrian and Ismael. Really. (fish guys)

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