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Behind “A Moveable Feast”

I recently had the opportunity to spend a day behind the scenes of a new WGBH-produced food documentary series “A Moveable Feast.”

In the new series, which premiers in September, Australian chef Pete Evans tours the US spending a day in different areas, sampling the best local stuff by planing and preparing a feast together with a pair of top-notch local chefs.

I followed along while they shot the Westport, Mass. episode at the home of former East Coast Grill owner and general nice guy, Chris Schlesinger. Chris and writing partner Doc Willoughby prepared some really beautiful food, all from the Westport area, that was served at sunset in Chris’s really beautiful back yard.

Westport is a truly amazing part of New England when it comes to food. You definitely should not go there because it is also fairly undiscovered.

Fun facts about reporting on a television production.

1) According to the Boss, you’re not allowed to appear on camera (i.e. when the food is served and everyone happily digs in and oohs and ahhs.)

2) By the time you finish your last interview, the crew has tossed all the remaining food in the trash.

3) Your dinner consists of some stolen cherry tomatoes, a piece of grilled bluefish skin on its way to the garbage, and a bag of stuff from the first open McDonald’s you can find.

Still, it was lots of fun.

Here’s a link to my Boston Globe article .

And some behind-the-scenes photos.