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Julia Child, you have ruined everything taco-related.

In California, Restaurants, Things I like on December 13, 2012 at 10:31 am

Please do not go to La Super-Rica in Santa Barbara and eat food like this.

Not really. Julia was a cool lady who tested her recipes 10,000 times, took no crap and was really nice, if I can believe the word of all the people I’ve met who worked with her.

Julia also knew where to find a great un-precious taco in the very precious city of Santa Barbara.

USA Today just ran an article about Julia’s — and my — favorite taco place in Santa Barbara, La Super-Rica. That newspaper with one blue ball as a logo  mentioned how La Super-Rica is already over run with people seeking out Julia’s tacos. Now it’s only going to get worse.

Thanks OneBlueBall Today. And thanks Julia.

I first discovered La Super-Rica about 8 years ago when we went on a family trip to California. Our stay in Santa Barbara was one of the highlights. Especially the part where we would drive past all the lovely Santa Barbara gastro-fusion-sushi-to-farm-to-gill-t0-tail-to-nose-to-table bistros/wine bars and cross over to literally the wrong side of the tracks. There we ate boxes full of La Super-Rica tacos leaning against the rental car since there is nowhere to sit. Two out of three dinners in Santa Barbara were spent happily standing around our totally ghetto Dodge Magnum station wagon with pico de gallo dripping down our arms.

And on the drive back to our weird ocean-front hotel we felt sorry for those poor fools sitting under umbrellas and twinkly lights on Garden Street sipping Chardonnay and eating something fused.

So, whatever you do, please don’t go to La Super-Rica when you visit Santa Barbara, because I would like the line to not be long next time I go back.

But if you want to read about it. Here’s the article




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