Thinking and writing about food. Not always in that order.

Happy to be providing the entertainment America* is searching for.

In Silliness, Uncategorized on July 16, 2012 at 2:45 pm

Every once in awhile I take a peek at the actual words that actual people type into Google to find this food/literary masterwork. If I didn’t already have reason to be ashamed, here’s a partial list of what you, my dear readers, were actively searching for during the past quarter:

faux candy necklace
molecule gastronomy syucks (thank gyod, my readers’ spyelling is wyorse than mine)
hello kitty keeping secrets
hot dog fetishes
anal bleaching in new orleans
what is a fettish of hotdog buns
loved by few hated by many on the neck shots
hot pocket in fridge ok to eat
hitler food mushrooms

The people have spoken (or at least the voices in their heads’ have.) And they’re asking for things that sound like indy rock bands or terrible porno movies.

So you can look forward to many more posts on “loved by few hated by many on the neck shots,” which I will write as soon as I find the medication that helps me understand what that is.

* Apparently there are confused or just plain odd people from many countries reading this material. Floreakeats is especially popular in the Netherlands. For that, I apologize to the Dutch people. I also express my regrets to the people of Gabon, Malta, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria and The Philippines, among others.


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