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You can still keep el Bulli on your bucket list – and have people laugh at you all at the same time!

In Uncategorized on October 3, 2011 at 3:33 pm

Just because Ferran Adria has closed el Bulli, the world’s most famous restaurant, there’s no reason to deny yourself the opportunity to send a great deal of money to Ferran Adria. Now you may never get the chance to eat 30 odd courses prepared by 100 obsessive people at el Bulli, but you can have the next best thing – a home-made deconstructed Shirley Temple made with an el Bulli cocktail spear.

Those purveyors of all things food-excessive Gilt Taste are offering a strange and strangely useless collection of “MoMA-worthy . . . stainless-steel cutlery, flatware and serving pieces” called FACES by Ferran Adria.

These museum-worthy items include a $20 mini-ice cream tasting spoon (like the ones you find in the trash bin at Baskin Robbins, but made of metal) and an Aroma Spoon with a built-in clothespin. For a true el Bulli experience at home, the Aroma Spoon spoon/clothespin allows you to taste one of your favorite things (perhaps a Hot Pocket) and smell another (maybe a Glades Plug In.) It can also come in handy if you share mealtimes with an especially gassy dog.

These two and more at Gilt Taste:


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