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Mario Batali, could you say something beautiful in Italian about the 3 pounds of tomatoes that will soon be rotting in my refrigerator?

In Italy, Things I like, Tomatoes on August 15, 2011 at 11:45 am

Since I’m American I hadn’t really thought about the fact that vegetables are “real,” have a “finite lifespan” and are “local and delicious.” What a quaint idea.

Score-pa-cha-ta. I’ll try saying that when I choose not to eat a crispy, pink tomato in February and I’m being laughed at by real Americans.

Score-pa-cha-ta. Maybe they’ll think I’m pulling some Harry Potter stuff and won’t hit me.

Score-pa-cha-ta. Maybe they won’t eat pink tomatoes either.

Thanks Mario.

  1. Italians apply this same concept to many other parts of their daily living, for example the availability of doctors in their local hospitals. It is a very poetic culture.

    • Ida, in Italian scorpacciata can also mean hakuna matata, particularly as it relates to providing health care and selling bus tickets on Sundays.

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