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Report from the Boston Food Bloggers Conference: I regret my earlier statement about bloggers, cupcakes and KitchenAid mixers

As I was trying to figure out what I would use this blog for, I wrote last month in my very first blog post:

“Then what kind of blog is this going to be? A daily journal of how baking a different cupcake recipe everyday saved my life? No that’s being done as we speak by literally every girl in Brooklyn with a Kitchen Aid Mixer and questionable taste in men.”

Yesterday, I attended the Techmunch Boston Food Bloggers conference where I won — wait, wait — a  Kitchen Aid Mixer. It was a major surprise and it’s a totally sweet machine (which we didn’t already own.) Thank you Kitchen Aid and Babette from Bakespace who organized the conference.

Tweeting pays: I won this for tweeting about how much I'd like to win it.

When I signed up to attend something called the Boston Food Bloggers conference, I wasn’t sure what to expect – or even if I should go. After a month and a half of doing this, I don’t really identify myself as a “blogger” but rather a writer who recently came into possession of a blog.  I’m still figuring out where my collected “humorous” ramblings, “cranky” observations and “amazing insights” about food and food culture  fit into the food blogostocracy. (During the session about branding yesterday I did have a flash of insight for a great positioning for floreakeats: “A delightful turd in the food blogging punch bowl.” I’m pretty sure no one else has taken that.)

At the conference I also discovered a very passionate group of food bloggers who socialize with each other regularly in the real world (good to know that they really do get out of their kitchens/cyberspace)  and are much more dedicated to their blogs than I will ever be.

All in all, Techmunch was exciting and a lot of fun (info to follow on some of the businesses, organizations and bloggers I saw there.)  But it also felt a bit like attending someone else’s camp reunion. These folks all sang the same songs, knew each other’s fun nicknames and had obviously done lots of hash tags together. I enjoyed it, but am pretty sure I was getting something different from the experience than everyone else— which made me especially conflicted about winning the kick ass door prize. But win I did!!

As I walked up to the front of the room to write my name on the big red machine, that quote from my very first blog post started coming back to me:

“what kind of blog is this going to be? . . . baking . . . cupcake recipe . . . saved my life . . .literally every girl . . . a Kitchen Aid Mixer . . . questionable taste in men.”

And I took a look around me.

Now, how should I put this delicately?  In many, many ways I didn’t represent the  primary demographic of a likely door prize winner. A lot of people I looked out at were much more serious about blogging. . . were not as male as I am, and were perhaps 20 years younger than me . . . and they blog about recipes . . . that they bake . . . for which they probably use their Kitchen Aid mixers . . . and the term “cupcake” was mentioned at least 13 times by my count.

So I’m still not planning to write about cupcakes. And I just have to hope that the blogging community is big enough and gracious enough to accept that  the turd in the punch bowl walked away with the monster door prize.

Cause I’m pretty sure I ain’t giving it back.

It's on the counter now.