“Food Assholes” almost officially adopted. Thanks Gastronomica.

Hey, Gastronomica just called my FoodAssholes post “acerbic and hilarious”  but stopped short of endorsing the term.

Oh well. At least they didn’t call it “crazy and dangerous.” That’s the Mrs. Brady has crabs post.

Still I can feel the movement growing!




  1. I’m sticking with FoodAsshole. The words that made the shortlist are just as stupid and assholish as foodie—I figure foodies submitted them.

    • I’m sticking with it too — and the competition is indeed week. But let’s not rush to judgment about selections made by the very fine editors at Gastronomica. They, after all, publish a great magazine and consider submissions from many fine writers and food scholars — both established and new, if you know what I mean. But “cuisinerd” really?

  2. You’re right. I should not have judged the fine people at Gastronomica so harshly. I guess they aren’t being as much assholey as cuisinerdy.

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