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The consumer advocates are right. America hates wacky stuff in their ads.

In Advertising, Food Safety, Silliness on July 1, 2011 at 11:12 am

I’m sure many people will be so traumatized this weekend by the “wackiness” in this new food safety public safety announcement — rolled out just in time for July 4th — that they will be purposely dipping their carrots in day-old chicken out of spite.

While consumer advocates are are generally a party waiting to happen (Would any good time be complete without a visit from Ralph Nader?), apparently they would like to stick with to the tried and true. “These ads seem a little too wacky and divorced from the basic behaviors we wish to communicate,” said representatives from various consumer food groups in a March letter to the Ad Council.

Perhaps they would prefer that Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack stare glassy-eyed into the camera with an American flag behind him and some rotting chicken in front of him while he says “Just say NO to food-borne illness or you might end up like 3,000 other Americans — DEAD.”


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