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Floreakeats. That’s what a professional namer would name something?

In Naming, Silliness on June 10, 2011 at 9:08 pm

I think I need to address why this site is called “floreakeats.”

In my day job, I sometimes create brand names for companies. When I tell people what I do, they either think it is: A) Easy and people shouldn’t be paid to do that, B) Stupid and they would be good at it too,  or C) A lot of fun. Naming can be a lot of fun. And when I get paid to sit in Starbucks with a thesaurus and a dictionary and think up names, it’s the best job ever.

But mostly naming involves obsessively thinking about idea after idea, trying to stay fresh and creative while meeting a whole lot of very un-fun criteria — it has to match our other brand names, it needs to be pronouncable and cleared for trademark in 13 countries, it can’t begin with the letter J, it needs to communicate all six of our brand attributes, we like “whimsical” but not “cheeky.” Then it requires a lot of meetings to discuss whether the name means something dirty in Vietnamese while you slowly convince people that they like their new name.

When it was time to name this blog, I didn’t have any criteria to meet. So, I sat down one night and typed a bunch of different things into the WordPress url-altor until I got something that was available.

Floreakeats was, surprisingly enough, available.

I liked the fact that it had my name in it and it reminded me of parakeets.

Naming success.

  1. Was your strategy in choosing a name that reminds you of a parakeet that it would be easily tweeted?

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