Thinking and writing about food. Not always in that order.

Will cupcakes save me? Plus answers to other questions.

In Baking, Food Bloggers, Silliness on June 9, 2011 at 5:52 pm

The question you should be asking right now is this: Does the world really need another food blog? Just so we are all clear about it, the answer is a resounding NO.

Maybe that’s a question I should’ve asked myself some time ago. But I didn’t and I’m already typing. So here we go.

Then what kind of blog is this going to be? A daily journal of how baking a different cupcake recipe everyday saved my life? No that’s being done as we speak by literally every girl in Brooklyn with a Kitchen Aid Mixer and questionable taste in men. How about reviews of really cool places to eat, like a pop-up restaurant in the grease pit of a Jiffy Lube where you can only get food by pretending to go in for an oil change? Or maybe  a place that serves nothing but stinging nettles foraged from the chef’s navel? Nah but I like the Jiffy Lube idea. Maybe a photo journal of my year spent eating only what I kill and butcher myself? Unfortunately Mark Zuckerberg is already doing that and he can afford to kill much fancier and more photogenic animals than I can.

The answer is I don’t know yet.

I do know that even though I’m old enough to know better, I enjoy eating about, thinking about, talking about, and researching about food. That’s what becoming a grad student again in middle age does to you. I also like the idea of getting back to commenting about the many things that I find odd and interesting every day, some of them edible and some not so much. In everyday work life, I find it in everyone’s best interest to keep many of those observations to myself.

Beyond that my only goal is to have a writing outlet that prevents me from boring my Facebook “friends” and real-life “family” with unnecessarily long and detailed rants about esoteric food stuff. That I’ll do here.

I also pledge to make this a salvation-via-cupcake-free zone. Other than that I’ll have to see what I type next time.


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