Curmudgeon Alert: I was today years old when my head exploded

exploding head
Admittedly, today was a long day.

My boots leaked and my socks got wet early.

I had to deal with crazy people later in the day.

Then, Buzzfeed appeared in my news feed.

It just strolled right in there next to the Washington Post and New York Times like it owned the place. As welcome as Kylie Jenner at a Mensa meeting.

I know, Buzzfeed does actual news.

But for now, I don’t care.

Because of this.


The old “I Was Today Years Old When” meme.

You could almost forgive BuzzFeed for lazily trotting out this stupid meme as the stupid headline for a stupid article about playing cards. This one time. Almost.

But for the love of Grumpy Cat, can the people who run the World Wide Webs please require BuzzFeed to retire “I Was Today Years Old” once and for all?

Because I am today years too old to put up with this any longer. And you are too.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, I have to go inform some damn kids about whose damn lawn it is out there.